Artists Answer Back To Pollution

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Living on P.O.P. 2018
10th Sept – 4th Oct 2018
Mon - Thur 9 – 5pm
Fri 9 – 4.30
Saturday 15th September 12 – 4pm

‘Resonance’ is a timely exhibition of artists’ responses to a pressing subject, focusing them on new applications of their practice. It has also opened up a discussion about what is known of our planet and how we engage with that information. The event offers a creative and critical comment on our changing environment.

Rachel Heard’s response is an investigation into the environmental repercussions as a consequence of global warming. Inspired by natural phenomena her expressionist paintings tackle the physical forms of submerging ice, contaminated water and earth scars of damage.

For her 2018 Hadal Zone project Alexandra Gould was inspired by Marine Ecologist Dr. Alan Jamieson’s research trips. Combining his landmark discoveries of deep sea (Hadal Zone) pollution with the emotional response it evokes, she has created portraits of people and creatures to be valued and protected.

Daniel Gould’s ‘Future Fossil’ series is a comment on the man made machines that continue to destroy the planet and how one day we might hopefully consider these ‘things themselves as ‘fossils’. His film ‘Decompression’ is a self-portrait exploring the multiple environments of modern life and through collaboration with Stuart Bruce, this piece forms a key feature of the exhibition.

Composer Stuart Bruce creates slow music for fast times, he has created a textural landscape that responds and resonates with the artworks. Inspired by his experiences and reflections on air pollution it weaves a connection through the themes of each artist and enriches the viewer’s encounter with the art.

Rachel Reid’s sculptures give form to ideas about single use plastics and the impact on the planet. Combining familiar human and animal forms with plastics, her work invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions about how life and plastics should coexist.

Also featuring an essay by art writer Katie Ackrill, the exhibition will guide the viewer through the influences and inspirations of the exhibiting artists.

Resonance will have works available to purchase at a range of prices.

The Chamber Room, Town Hall, High Street, Corsham. SN13 0EZ 01249 702130
Free Admission Check Chamber opening times prior to travel