A guide to the commissioning process
A painting can be entirely from life over a series of sittings or worked up from my photographs from a single day. Either way, I like to work with the subject to ensure the portrait is the best representation I can create.

Below are some comments and observations from people who have sat for me and those whose portrait was painted based on a series of photos and an initial meeting. The comments offer an insight into how I work and what you might expect from the process.

My studio is in Corsham, Wiltshire but I often travel to clients. I like to work with the sitter to identify the best location and lighting.

Prices will vary depending on the requirements of each commission. As a guide, current prices range from £300 to £3,500. I am always keen to hear of new projects and ideas, to discuss a project please email me: or call on 07775 615020.

'Having a portrait painted is a slow and considered process and the finished piece of art is something that will surely be treasured for generations.'
'Alex has captured so much more …it’s realistic and truthful but with her talent she has injected character, personality and emotion.’ Suzanne Reed, 2017

‘I wanted a point in time transfixed and totally original that becomes part of the family heritage and hopefully is greatly valued and cherished by the descendants of the Fox family.’ Stephen Fox, 2017

‘I loved to hear how you have an initial idea but until you meet the person/people you don't confirm any ideas about the portrait. I love how to form your portrait it was just as much about inside the person and personality as it is about the outside.’ Amy Fox, 2017

I understand Alex works solely on one piece of work at a time which is evident in the subtleties of the expressions, the gaze, the tiny details she presents in the portrait, we were clearly playing on her mind. Alex's confidence in herself as an artist was very important in giving me confidence that she would create something we would all treasure.’ Lucy Fox, 2017

‘I would definitely recommend sitting for a portrait. It is informative and worthwhile. My personal experience was lots of fun and something that I will always remember.’ Hannah Marshall, 2017